Believe in the Power of People

Growing up in Angelina County, my grandma taught me the Democratic Party lifts people up, provides opportunity to all, and fights to move us forward as a society. These ideas have driven my approach to organizing, which is centered on bringing in new voices to Democratic politics to grow our movement and empower more people to make change in their communities. As leaders in the party, we have the opportunity to encourage new voices in politics and unite communities across Travis County. Together, we can elect the most diverse ticket of Democrats on the ballot, advocate for progressive policies at the Texas Legislature, and organize year-round to promote progressive values and policies. We are the party built on people power. Together we can, now we must!  

Elect Democrats 

  • Win back the Travis County Commissioner Pct. 3 seat, protect key Democratic gains, including HD 47, and turnout more Democratic voters in every precinct in Travis County to flip seats from City Hall to the halls of Congress.
  • Provide precinct chairs with additional resources, training, and support to increase outreach to voters in their neighborhoods, focusing on underserved precincts. 
  • Fight against Republican voter suppression efforts by ensuring every voter who can, is able to apply to vote by mail and remind voters to cast their votes by mail this fall. This includes hiring staff dedicated to vote-by-mail organizing.
  • Coordinate political action committees, Democratic clubs, and candidate campaigns to maximize voter outreach and ensure every precinct in Travis County is a part of a multi-layered coordinated campaign plan.
  • Create a tiered outreach structure to flip precincts from red to blue and increase turnout in traditionally Democratic areas.
  • Create a digital tool kit and conduct virtual trainings to empower grassroots organizing during the pandemic in a safe and effective way.
  • Work with students to organize Get Out the Vote efforts at Austin Community College (ACC), Huston-Tillotson, St. Edwards, UT, and every institution of postsecondary education in Travis County. Dedicate resources to pay students organizers to facilitate this work.

Organize Advocacy Efforts at the Texas Legislature

  • Serve as the progressive voice at the Capitol by working with the Travis County  delegation to support progressive policies filed by Democratic legislators, and oppose legislation that harms Texans.
  • Track legislation that improves the quality of life for Texans and alert volunteers to opportunities to take action at the Texas Capitol.
  • Coordinate with progressive organizations to support their legislative and advocacy efforts. 
  • Provide education and training to precinct chairs and activists on opportunities to take action at the Capitol, including testifying in committee, registering for or against legislation, and calling, emailing, and meeting with elected officials.
  • Organize dedicated Days of Action to fight for policies supported by Democratic Party Platform planks.

Build Party Infrastructure, Transparency, and Year-Round Organizing

  • Dedicate community organizers to down ballot races in Travis County, so that TCDP is actively supporting Democratic candidates for school boards, city council and other local jurisdictions to build a diverse bench of candidates.
  • Make the party more accessible by organizing events throughout Travis County to increase volunteer participation. In addition, continue to hold virtual community conversations.
  • Organize diversity, equity, and inclusion training for precinct chairs and volunteers. 
  • Bring together community leaders and non-profit organizations to engage activists to build an inclusive bench of precinct chairs, volunteers, and candidates.
  • Develop training videos and materials to facilitate the onboarding of new precinct chairs and support existing precinct chairs, including training on party rules and operations, technology, and grassroots organizing. 
  • Hold regular, ongoing training events on key topics in coordination with Democratic clubs and organizations. 
  • Increase transparency by implementing the full committee structure for oversight of party financial and campaign operations. Provide more notice of CEC and committee meetings, consistently distribute minutes, and live-streaming party functions.
  • Coordinate outreach efforts to progressive community, professional, religious, and advocacy organizations to expand our network of progressive allies.